misc fixes to db build/test script

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Paul Reeves 2023-01-26 16:11:34 +01:00
parent ec81b04b6e
commit b76d47e14c
1 changed files with 6 additions and 5 deletions

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@ -5,23 +5,24 @@ set names UTF8;
input recreate_db.ddl;
-- deploy the UDR library
shell cp ../build/x86_64-linux/libMyFirstUDRKit.so /opt/firebird/plugins/udr/ ;
shell cp -L ../build/x86_64-linux/libMyFirstUDRKit.so /opt/firebird/plugins/udr/ ;
-- declare the UDR library - must be done before we declare database objects!
input ../sql/MyFirstUDRKit.ddl;
-- create db objects
input testudrkit.ddl;
-- declare the UDR library
input ../sql/MyFirstUDRKit.ddl
-- insert some test data
input testudrkit.dml;
input testudrkit-testdata.dml;
-- run some tests
input testudrkit-tests.dml;
/* Successfully completed execution of testudrkit.sql */